Have you ever been in a group project and you seem to be going in circles and not accomplishing anything? Me too, but with the use of Trello, that is no longer a problem of mine. Trello is a software that is easily accessible to anyone. It is not limited by the type of phone someone has like many other apps are. 

Trello is a cloud based software to help manage projects. It is designed to help groups organize the details of their project. The details of the project are organized into what is called a board. Each board is customizable by each individual. You may be tired of organizing via long lists of things you need to do (called boards) for you project or having random pieces of things you need to do on scattered papers that you are not able to find. With Trello, it uses visuals to make sure that you are able to find out what you need to do. You can assign certain colors to indicate whether something needs to be done very soon or later. It is also easy to maneuver through Trello because of it’s visually pleasing set up. You can create a board for things you have finished so that you can quickly see what you still need to do. Within boards, you can add cards which are sub-thoughts or actions that need to be done to complete the big idea. 

Do you have trouble making sure you turn an item in on time? Trello has a solution. Trello allows for someone to add a deadline. You can change the date and time to fit your project. You can also assign certain assignments to someone through Trello. Trello will remind the person assigned about the thing that they have to do before the due date. 

Not only can your teammates add, edit, and remove cards within boards and boards, they can also add links and images to those boards. If they found a document with important and relevant information for their project they can upload the file onto the card/board. 

Not only is Trello easy to use for all people, but it also has amazing customer service if you do find yourself in a pickle. First, you would go through articles pertaining to your situation. Trello’s selection of articles that answer most questions is highly organized. It is organized through tropics. If you are new to Trello and do not know how to use it despite it’s simple formatting, the user guide is very easy to find. If by chance, you are still confused or have a problem, there is such a thing called the Trello community. The Trello community is where Trello users can get advice or answers from fellow users. 

Trello is a great option for your organizing needs since it offers a free service. With the free services provided by Trello, you can do all of the things that I stated above. The free plan offers unlimited boards, cards, lists, and members that can work on the board.