My name is Bethany Ingram and I am a 2017 graduate of Bel Air High School and the Biomedical Sciences Program. I am currently attending Johnson & Wales University and majoring in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management with a minor in Environmental Sustainability.

I had always loved science. Growing up, I always wanted to be in the medical field. Throughout high school, I went from wanting to be an athletic trainer to a dermatologist to biomedical engineer. I even applied to college as a Biomedical Engineer major. However, during my senior year, when we were required to shadow a professional for our senior capstone, I chose to shadow a dermatologist. Through this experience, I learned that science was not my passion, something I may have never found out if I did not have the opportunity to try it out. While shadowing at the dermatology office, I found myself drawn to the marketing and business end of the company instead, which made me question what I wanted for my future.

From the outside, the Biomedical Sciences program looks like it only gives you skills in the medical field. But that is not the case. You get to try it all out. The work we do covers all spectrums and many industries. Over the course of four years, we included business proposals in our presentations, we learned how to appropriately contact a professional, we learned how to market ourselves as individuals, and we learned how to become a professional in any industry you may find yourself in.  Skills that were taught in Biomed give its students, and has given me, an extreme advantage over students who have not been through this program.

This program has played a pivotal role in my current success. I can walk into a room with confidence knowing my quality of work is acceptable in a professional environment. I contact top professionals in my industry, without hesitation, knowing that the skills I have cultivated through this program have provided me with a foundation to properly do so. Through this program, I have gained experience that most people may never get to have. It has given me an upward hand in my industry and in every industry. I have worked for a local company in marketing, communications, and graphic design, the ESPN X-Games in operations and social media, and soon the Baltimore Orioles in marketing.

The program does not just impact those who have gone through it, my friends and colleagues come to me for help, because they know the experience I have gained from my high school years. The professional and life skills we practiced day in and day out mimicked my college and career experiences thus far. Because of this, has given me and all of its student’s skills that put us ahead of our peers and our competition, no matter the field you go into. It truly has benefitted every aspect of my life. If it wasn’t for Biomed, I wouldn’t believe in myself to succeed in competition. If it wasn’t for Biomed, I wouldn’t have the skills that push me ahead of my peers. If it wasn’t for Biomed, I wouldn’t have found the career that sets my soul on fire.