Ron Burgundy is famous for his obvious lack of moral fortitude. He is a unique and obviously fictional character. I have always noticed that the majority of real people tend not to notice their own impressive attributes as Mr. Burgundy does in the video below. Fortunately for me, almost every one of the students, teachers, and administrators that I have had the pleasure of working with at Bel Air High School have embodied this respectfully self-unaware persona.

Students are just doing what they need to do.

Our students are doing what they need to do in Biomed to be successful. They are very motivated to do well in class in order to try to achieve the best grade possible and set themselves up for the opportunity to attend the college they want to attend and to obtain the career they want to obtain. They work hard and complete all of the assignments given to them. What they tend not to realize along the way is that by doing this, they are becoming advanced in the field of biomedical sciences for their age and current position as high school students. They are becoming impressive in their abilities to solve problems, work in groups, and present information. They think they’re just doing normal things, but they’re creating exceptional work.

How the nation perceives Project Lead The Way (PLTW).

PLTW is a superb organization. I even ignorantly under-appreciated PLTW myself when I became involved in the program during the first year Biomedical Innovations ran as a course 6 years ago. My recent visit to the very impressive national PLTW Summit 2016 in Indianapolis put an exclamation mark on my concept of PLTW as a leading organization in our country for preparing students for careers in STEM fields. Actually, not only preparing them, but giving them an advantage over all other students pursuing the same goals. A lot of really important people and organizations vouch for this as well. The only drawback to the impact that PLTW has is that the seamless content and curriculum often leaves students unaware of the scope of the program in which they are participating.

Summit 2016- 001

Brain Games host Jason Silva speaks at PLTW Summit 2016

How PLTW perceives BAHS.

The Bel Air High School Biomedical Sciences Program is an outstanding program. I’m going to be Ron Burgundy-esque for a second and brag for the purpose of this post. BAHS has been recognized as a PLTW National Model School for biomedical sciences. It has been named the Maryland State Department of Education’s Outstanding Secondary CTE program. The program is asked to host school visits from fledgling programs in other schools, to present at state and national PLTW conferences, and to support other programs and teachers as they strive to build what it has become.

Brandon Marino explains his project to Senator Tim Kaine

Brandon Marino (class of 2016) explains his project to Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) at a congressional reception

PLTW seems to respect the implementation of the biomedical sciences curriculum and the impressive student work that has been produced at our school. They have even asked BAHS to serve as a representative of the organization to legislators (twice). The BAHS Biomedical Sciences Program has been built upon the successes of its students and has provided opportunities for its students to be recognized for their outstanding work.

Open your eyes. Be proud.

So, what’s the take away here? If you are a student in our program just doing what you need to do to be successful, you are most likely actually doing exceptional work. Not only are you doing exceptional work, but your are doing exceptional work in an outstanding program, which is part of a superb organization. I challenge you to step outside of what has become your normalcy to see what you are truly accomplishing as a student here. I promise you that these accomplishments are preparing you to take on your college program and achieve your wildest career aspirations in the field of biomedical sciences.

If you follow the path of awesomeness in this post backwards, it ends with you:  Superb organization, outstanding program, exceptional work by students. In other words…you’re kind of a big deal.