Our Students are Kind of a Big Deal

Ron Burgundy is famous for his obvious lack of moral fortitude. He is a unique and obviously fictional character. I have always noticed that the majority of real people tend not to notice their own impressive attributes as Mr. Burgundy does in the video below. Fortunately for me, almost every one of the students, teachers, and administrators that I [...]

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Adobe Post- A Cheat Code for Social Media Imagery

Research routinely supports that social media posts with images get greater engagement from followers than posts without images. Some times 140 characters is not enough time to get your message across so a cool high end graphic would be helpful. What Is The days of Photoshop being the only graphic design app are gone. Most people do not [...]

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Prepared to Present – Becoming a High School Student Who is Good at Public Speaking

I carry multiple things around with my hands all the time so I figure I should be pretty good at juggling fiery torches and swords by now. Pass me those swords. If only it were that easy. I’m not breaking any new ground here by saying that you have to participate in a huge amount [...]

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