Killing the HMSCs

Did you know that guinea pigs are the most commonly used animal for military laboratory testing? Their skin closely mimics that of a human, reacting the same way that a human would if exposed to sulfur mustard, or mustard gas. Many of these tests harm the animal, and they must be put down after the [...]

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Moans, Groans, and Healing Bones – An Internship Story

A patient is screaming in agony as his knee is arched toward his body to further break up scar tissue and give him the privilege to walk again. This was my first day of my interning experience at Towson Orthopedics Association (TOA). The scene was frightening and eye-opening, not only to the physical demand of therapy, but also [...]

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My Internship Experience – Not Exactly a Walk in the Park, but I Learned Some Tricks on the Way

For my Capstone independent project, I interned at Fork Veterinary Hospital which is located in Fork, Maryland. I chose to intern at a veterinary hospital because I enjoy working with animals, especially dogs, and also I thought that not many of my peers would have interned at a similar place. As I started my internship, [...]

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