The independent project you will complete as part of your senior year in the Biomedical Sciences Program at Bel Air High School can be the most beneficial experience of your entire education.

I specify “can be” because each student is in charge of their individual destiny. We will talk more about this in the future, but one of the most significant predictors of students having a meaningful experience is the purposefulness with which they complete the following work.

This summer work is designed to help students deliberately generate areas of interest. Students are laying the groundwork to have a profound experience by taking the time to reflect and communicate with others as instructed.


The document link below has evolved and been iterated upon for more than ten years. It is meticulously worded, each step and sub-bullet should be addressed with care.


You will compile the results of your ideation process into the BI Summer Work Results Tables document, take care to fully complete each portion as directed in the BI Summer Work document.

In addition to the results tables, you will write a short project proposal summary as in APA style paper. Be sure to adhere to all the stipulations, and use the resources identified in the BI Summer Work document. You will complete this requirement as a separate document which you will create.


This is the first of many rubrics which you will experience in the Biomedical Innovation course. Use this to assess your work before the school year starts.

Turning In The Deliverables

The deliverables from your summer work will be collected on the second day of school, instructions on that process will be shared during the first day of school. Take the time to thoughtfully complete this work before the start of the school year and make sure you have your final products in a durable and accessible location to be turned in later.