Frequently Asked Questions

When we get multiple questions about our program, we will also answer the question here. This will allow us to provide detailed answers to common questions so that people can get their answers as soon as possible.

Is BAHS Biomed a magnet program?

We are not, several years ago HCPS classified our program as a “Signature Program.” This means that we only offer positions in our program to students districted for Bel Air High School. Please reference this document from HCPS for more information on this distinction.

Can my child get a boundary exception?

Information about boundary exceptions in HCPS can be found here.

If a boundary exception is offered to a student, that allows the student to attend Bel Air High School. The boundary exception does not allow the student to participate in the Biomed Program due to our “Signature Program” classification.

Can I apply?

You can apply to be a part of the Biomedical Sciences Program at Bel Air High School during the Fall/Winter of your 8th-grade year. The specific application window changes each year, make sure to come to our Open House in October of your 8th-grade year to learn about specifics. Check here to see if the Open House has been scheduled yet.

Additionally, you must be districted for Bel Air High School in order to apply. See the above FAQs for details about this requirement.

How are applicants selected?

With the size of Bel Air Middle School and the class size restrictions placed on our program, we can only accept a portion of the applicants. This makes admission to the Biomedical Sciences Program at Bel Air High School a very competitive endeavor.

Over the years we have fine-tuned a selection algorithm based on long-term student success in our program. This is in an effort to build as much objectivity into student selection as possible. As a matter of fact, we do not even see the student’s names until after the scores are computed.

This algorithm has been developed over a large set of student data and we are confident in using it during our selection process.

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