Today Students:

While some students worked on finishing up the skeletal scavenger hunt (HBS 1.2.2), most students worked on collecting data for the forensic anthropology lab (HBS 1.2.3). In order to prepare for this, students had to pass a competency exam on using a Vernier Caliper.

Students also had the opportunity to earn some points via the “Perfect Planner” badge.

Today I:

Provided feedback to groups about their product from the 1.2.2 skeletal scavenger hunt, assigned students to forensic anthropology teams as needed, and updated grades.

Everyone Should Know:

  • 1.2 Quizlet is due on Friday, October 5th at 2 pm.
  • leo723 was at the top of the HBS leaderboard when I just after 2 pm so they get an HBS Sticker which is redeemable for 100 points on a conclusion question assignment of their choice.

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