Today Students:

Finished their Trello Welcome Board activity while they got their headshots for their senior slideshow and their professional accounts.

After the wrapping up their first day activities some students actually got started on HBS content! This year’s group of HBS students seems eager due to the fact that about 70% of them have already completed the HBS tutorial. Students who were not ready for the for first HBS activity were dutifully working their way through the tutorial.

For HBS 1.1.1 students started working on creating posters with “amazing facts” for each of the different body systems

Today I:

Took the headshots for the students and checked for library cards. I also explained to students how we will be using Quizlet as a tool in this class for the whole year.

Everyone Should Know:

  • Library cards and signed syllabi are due by next Friday (9/14/18)
  • For students to be “on pace” they should work to finish HBS 1.1.1 by the end of class on Tuesday (9/11/18).

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