Everyone knows that group presentations are a daunting task. They’re time consuming, require extreme attention to detail, and force you to interact with people that may not be your best friends in the world. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with all the plates in the air and drop them. There is also a lot of risk because you are counting on others to keep their set of plates in the air. It is difficult at times to juggle all of these aspects, but there are some tips and tricks that make it manageable.

Stay Healthy

Doing projects can sometimes be physically taxing or can pop up at the seemingly worst times. It is not always easy to do your best work when you are under the weather and exhausted. It is fairly simple to stay healthy. Keep hydrated, eat healthy, and get as much sleep as you can. If you are feeling sick, be proactive! Do not assume it will just go away, take medicine and do whatever you need to help your body fight it off. If you’re healthy you will be able to give your full effort to your group and project.

Stay Focused

With group projects it is sometimes hard to stay focused on the task ahead of you because there are so many plates in the air. To keep all of those plates from crashing to the earth you have to put the plates down for a moment and refocus yourself. By allowing yourself momentary breaks the quality of your work improves because you are focused. These momentary breaks should not be scrolling through Instagram or doing your statistics homework! For these breaks to be beneficial you must do activities such as meditation or take a powernap which will recharge you and prepare you to do your best work. By taking these momentary breaks it benefits your health and work output.

Stay Organized

You have been given so many tools to make staying organized easy, such as Trello and the Perfect Project Checklist. Use them! When you employ them it will make all aspects of your project easier because all of your resources, research, plans, and everything else you need will be in location. Organization also makes it easier to communicate with your group so everything gets completed. Through organization it is much easier to keep all of the plates in the air and you create a safety net for your project.


Communication is key! It is virtually impossible to be successful on a group project unless you communicate with your group and your teacher.  There are so many resources available to make group communication easier such as Slack and Trello. In addition to this, meeting group members in person to work on the project also helps because the flow of conversation is much more natural. Being able to talk to your teacher is vital. Your teacher will be able to answer any questions your group may have about the project and they can address issues of group members failing to do their assigned work. Through simply communicating the creation of a project becomes much smoother.