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So you want to contribute to our site (and maybe earn some extra credit)?
This page will show you how.

Content Requirements

  • 500-word minimum
  • Must have 1 relevant high-quality Featured Image
  • Must contain at least 1 additional relevant high-quality multimedia item (image/video)
  • Must be from the provided list of prompts below or be approved by Burke.

Procedural Requirements

  • Must be edited for grammar/syntax by an English teacher (confirmation must be provided)
  • Must obtain final approval on content by Burke
  • Must be submitted by author through WordPress

Current Prompts

  • The benefits of managing a project through Trello
  • How a checklist saved my project
  • How to motivate lazy group members
  • How I dealt with a difficult project experience
  • Cool Shadowing/Interning Experiences
  • Why I Enjoyed the _______________ Project

Resources for Your Success

A Basic Video Tutorial

A More Detailed Video Tutorial

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