How to Email Like a Boss

Become an email ninja in 20 minutes

What to Send Your Email With

  • Not every device is created equal. As a rule of thumb, use a device that has a full physical keyboard. This probably means that it has access to a full desktop email client or, at least, access to the full version of Gmail via a Browser.
  • Use a professional account. Not only your specific address (the part before the @) but also the domain. You can see a funny hierarchy of email domains here.

If you can take care of the two above bullet points, half the battle is done.

Crafting Your Email

Literally half way through editing the video for this post a report came out from Boomerang which uses millions of data points to hack successful email. As it turns out the Gettysburg Address guideline I used in the video is more than 2X longer than the most successful emails. The report from Boomerang is a very helpful insight into getting a response from your recipient.

Create a Grammarly account here. It is an awesome tool! I install it in Chrome whenever I can and I couldn’t stress how helpful it is to make sure what you write online is correct. They also have plugins for Microsoft Office and standalone desktop clients that I have never used but are powered by the same technology.

Other Helpful Sources