Setting Up a Biomed LinkedIn Profile

Step 1- Sign Up

Sign up for an account here.

Use your professional Gmail account

Step 2- Upload Your Headshot

A professional headshot is the fastest way to make your profile look active. Better than a cropped selfie, your headshot reflects purpose and professionalism.

Step 3- Complete Your Contact Information

People who find your profile and are interested in contacting you need a way to do that! Make sure your contact information is up to date and professional.


This includes personalizing your URL to make sharing your profile easier.

Step 4- Write Your Summary

Make your summary keyword rich (this makes it easier to find in searching)

Use the first-person (this keeps it human)

Add some contact details (so people you are not connected to can reach out)

Find some templates here.

Step 6- Add Your Work Experience

You’ll want to keep updated is your experience section, since this is one of the first things employers will skim—it’s close to an online resume.


While you should certainly be descriptive, be careful about what keywords you choose to use. Steer clear of buzzwords.


You can also add media to each of your job experiences in this section and showcase the recommendations you’ve received for particular positions.

Step 7- Add Big Projects

Think of this as a portfolio for your best work, include your Independent Project. Upload the files (best option) if possible or create Google Drive folders with links (lesser option).

Step 8- Add Skills

Use the PLTW Documents below to adds skills to your profile:






Step 9- Join Our Group

We are building a LinkedIn Group for BAHS Biomed people, join it. You should also join other groups that you have professional interests in.