End of Year Deliverables

By the end of their senior year, students will complete the items described on this page for their Independent Projects



Do NOT work on these deliverable items until instructed by a teacher in May. This page is intended purely as a resource to help students conceptualize the completion of the Independent Project.

Written Report

For the written report, students repurpose their proposals from the beginning of the year and add on information from their experience as well as descriptions and rationale for the innovation they have created.

Project Portfolio

For the project portfolio, students will organize the measurable objectives they have been tracking throughout the year. They will then add in portions of their written reports and create reflections of their experiences.

Scientific Poster

For the scientific poster, students simplify and summarize their entire Independent Project. They use the information they have already created to build a visual that clearly conveys their project experience to the general public.

Project Completion

The overall completion of the project is assessed. Completed student projects are compared to the stated outcomes from the beginning of the year. Changes and situations along the way are taken into account for this grade.

Class Presentation

For the class presentation, students have 5 minutes to provide an overview of their entire experience to their classmates and teachers. They will use all of their accumulated presentation skills to tell the story of their project.