The periodic check that keeps you making progress on your Independent Project all year long

SMART Goals allow your teachers to track your progress on your Independent Project without visiting each one of you individually in the field. Please make your goals attainable, but also be sure that they push you to complete your work by the proper time of year.

Goals must be measurable, which means that you must present some sort of evidence of completion in school.  You can journal, bring rough drafts, final drafts, take photos, show data, or bring any other type of evidence that demonstrates your work on your project.

The rest of this page it to make sure that you get a 50/50 for every checkpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SMART Goal?

It is a way for your teacher to check in on your project through out the year. It is also a way for you to break up the immense task of the independent project into smaller more manageable chunks.

SMART Goals will be checked six times throughout the year. Your goals will be checked via a 2-4 minute conference that you have with your teacher. During that time your teacher will compare your previously submitted SMART Goal with your current evidence.

Who is in charge of SMART Goals?

YOU (the student) are telling ME (the teacher) what to grade at different points of the year. Please only put down items that you are capable of completing.

What does "measurable" mean?

By measurable, I mean there must be objective and quantifiable evidence that you have achieved your goal. Think of what you can bring into class and/or show us on the computer to provide evidence that you have completed each task.

Examples of measurable objectives:

  • Have completed 35 hours of shadowing as represented by completed journals.
  • Have a rough draft of my innovation created in Sketchup along with a written critique from my mentor.

Examples of non-measurable objectives:

  • Have solid idea for innovation.
  • Secure a location to complete my internship experience.

The good example has quantifiable goals and also a description of the evidence that will be provided.

The bad example is ambiguous. It does not define or rely on established, measurable values.

Can I change my SMART Goals?

Throughout the year objectives may be changed by an in-person visit with your teacher, but must be done so outside of one calendar week of that objective’s due date.

i.e. – An objective due on Thursday, July 30th may be changed up to Thursday, July 23rd, but not on or after Friday, July 24th.