For my Capstone independent project, I interned at Fork Veterinary Hospital which is located in Fork, Maryland. I chose to intern at a veterinary hospital because I enjoy working with animals, especially dogs, and also I thought that not many of my peers would have interned at a similar place. As I started my internship, I followed the veterinarian into appointments and observed daily procedures such as administering vaccines, performing basic examinations, and even completing challenging surgeries. The staff was very helpful in teaching me new information throughout the internship which made the experience even more enjoyable.

Scheduling hours to come in to intern was somewhat problematic because the veterinarian wanted me to experience the times when it was busy and difficult as well as when it is slow and boring. Obviously, he could not know when those times would be, so I came in everyday but at different hours throughout the day. After completing over 100 hours of interning, I was hired as a kennel assistant as well as a veterinary assistant to help regulate the kennel; this entails taking care of the dogs, keeping the kennel clean, and occasionally working in the lobby.  At times, the job was draining mentally as well as physically. When there were many dogs boarding in the kennels, many tasks need to be completed; they all have to be fed, walked, and medicated if necessary.  During my shifts, I had to perform each of these tasks by myself, which was very hectic, while providing personal attention to each of the animals. While working at the front desk, it was difficult to juggle multiple tasks at one time such as answering phone calls, checking in clients, checking out clients, scheduling appointments, and keeping the examination rooms stocked. Interning in a medical setting has prepared me for a future career in the medical field whether it entails dealing with patients or completing complex procedures.

Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work, but it really gave
me a great perspective on having a career in the veterinary field.

I did not expect to be involved in most of the job responsibilities. I could tell that the veterinarian and staff had trust in me because I was given responsibilities that required me to take initiative. Although at times it was challenging, I am grateful for having responsibilities because it has given me confidence to perform tasks without guidance and it gave me a better understanding on how stimulating and fast-paced the medical field is. Even though my specific interest in veterinary medicine has drifted away, I realized that I am still very interested in the medical field itself; I am just lost on what specific career I am interested in.

After going through my internship experience, my advice to you fellow biomed students is to be PROACTIVE! And have fun with it. I know that you may be experiencing “senioritis” (trust me I know how you are feeling), but in the end it will be worth it to start your project as soon as possible. Also, make sure you enjoy the topic you choose because you will be more invested in it and the final project will reflect your interest in the topic. If you need any guidance for internships, reference the resources below.

The link below is a video on how to present yourself when interning and other important topics.

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