Independent Project Overview

What is the Independent Project?

The Requirements

There are two main aspects of the Independent Project:


Students will complete a real-world experience in a biomedical field of their choosing.

What type of experience can I have?

Students can observe, shadow, intern, or work at any professional location related to biomedical science. Students will locate a mentor in a field of their interest that is willing to schedule time and unique, fruitful experiences with them.


Students will devise and create an innovation based on their real-world experience.

What type of innovations can I create?

The simplest form of innovation is to address a problem or shortcoming in your field by creating a new product or process that demonstrates improved function. In addition to product innovations, students have developed marketing materials, initiated community events, collected and analyzed experimental data, and created and implemented educational outreach. Your innovation parameters are entirely up to you!

100 Hours

How do you earn 100 hours?

  • Organization & Administration

    There are 10 hours built into the requirements specifically designated for your project setup, research, organization, and scheduling. These hours are essential to the success of your project and your measurable objectives.

  • Field Experience

    Arguably the most important and valuable time you spend on your project will be the 30 hours (minimum) in the field. You are encouraged to maximize this experience by seeking out an opportunity in an area of interest.

  • Innovation

    You are required to create at least one new product/innovation. Your teacher will help you identify a valid innovation. This concept must involve you producing something that did not exist before it was created by you.  Your innovation will account for 10 hours of work.

  • Flexibility

    The remaining 50 hours are very open to customization by the student. Students can earn their additional hours by spending more time in the field or by creating more, or more complex, innovations.

  • Additional Innovation

    As a rule of thumb, an innovation requires 10 or more physical and/or intellectual hours to be considered valid. It is possible for a complex innovation to be worth more than 10 hours. Your teacher will help make this distinction.