What does a Biomed student look like?

There are many different types of students in the Biomedical Sciences Program at BAHS. Being involved in the program does not limit or exclude your participation in any academic or extra-curricular activities during your time as a student. Below are a few examples…


Amy Das

Some Biomed students are leaders. Amy is her class secretary. The president, vice president, and treasurer of the senior class are also Biomed students.


Hector Belarmino

Some Biomed students are musicians. Hector plays multiple musical instruments and even headlines his own band.


Madison Hynes

Some Biomed students are thespians. Madison is involved in the BAHS Drama Company and she enjoys school plays and productions.


Michael Yetter

Some Biomed students are athletes. Michael is a three sport athlete at BAHS. He plays on the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams.

What careers does Biomed prepare you for?

The Biomedical Sciences Program helps students to identify their interest and narrow down a college major and potential future career. You don’t have to know what you want to be when you grow up, but if you have interests in any fields related to biology or medicine, then this is the program for you! Below are a few of the many career fields to which you could be exposed in Biomed…


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to pursue a major to be any type of medical doctor.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to pursue a nursing degree in any specialty.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to become certified Emergency Medical Technicians.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to become a biomedical researcher in any related field.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to pursue pharmacy degrees of all levels.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to pursue dental degrees.

Physical Therapist

The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to be all different types of physical therapists.


The Biomedical Sciences Program will prepare students to study to work within the veterinary sciences.

How do I become a Biomed student?

Because of the high level of interest and the limited number of seats available, you must apply to be part of the Biomed program. Applications are available on our website home page during the yearly application window and are completed online. The application window opens after our Open House in late October each year and closes in the beginning of December. Decisions are made based on student data gathered such as…

  • Classes

    The level of course in which you are currently registered is considered in the application process.

  • Grades

    Grades from your science and math classes are factored into our selection process.

  • Attendance

    Your school attendance is considered because of the rigors of in-class work in the program.

  • Writing Sample

    You will complete an essay response as part of the application. Be sure to write with good conventions and edit your response.

  • Teacher Recommendations

    Teacher recommendations from your 8th grade science and math teachers will be considered.

What courses can I take in high school?

Biomed courses are considered elective courses that count as a “career completer” at BAHS. Students take one Biomed course during each of their four years in high school. This means that you are able to take the full compliment of science and math courses just like everyone else. Most of our students who are upperclassmen simultaneously take AP science and/or math courses.

How do I get in contact with the Biomed program?

Contact us with any questions you may have about the BAHS Biomedical Sciences Program or application process by using the form below.

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