The emergency design project is seen by almost every biomedical sciences student as one of the toughest projects of the year. One of the reasons that it is challenging is because we are placed into groups with people in our class that we typically do not work with. Because of this, we are forced to learn to work collaboratively with people whose work ethic and style we aren’t completely comfortable with yet. This new experience, however, taught me to keep an open mind and be patient, while also making sure that the group stays on task, meeting all of the deadlines set. This compelled me to step out of my comfort zone. As a usually shy and passive person, I had to make sure that I spoke my mind to and checked up on the other members of my group because in a group an individual’s work reflects the group as a whole.

The most influential skill that I was able to develop during the course of this project was time management. Through the use of Trello, an app used frequently in the biomedical sciences program, we were able to set goals and due dates as well as create checklists to make sure that we stayed on track. Even though some of the due dates that we set were not able to be met, these due dates helped us to keep a steady pace while working.

Biomed is only one of our eight classes, and while this project was very time consuming it was important for us to remember to stay organized and not let other classes assignments be ignored. Maintaining a balance is an essential skill that I will be able to take with me to college when I will have to write multiple papers and study for tests. It is important to make sure that my best effort is being given in all classes no matter how daunting one project may seem.

The skills of public speaking and presenting are also skills that I was able to further develop through this project. Because of the complexity of this task and the need for thorough research, by the day of the presentation I really felt that I knew all of the necessary information like the back of my hand. I created notecards to aide in my presenting in case I froze and forgot what to say like I normally would have but I didn’t need to use them at all. That was a huge accomplishment for me and really helped to build my confidence in public speaking. This experience has also encouraged me to, in future presentations, take the time to really understand the material being presented because it will help me to be more successful in the end.

The Emergency design project was the first huge project of my senior year and I really believe that my peers and I came out on top of it, ready to tackle new challenges. This project developed each and everyone of us as students and has given us a solid foundation to keep building upon as we further our education and even in our future careers.