Capstone Gallery Walk & Ceremony

An Annual Celebration of Learning

Independent Project Gallery Walk

This evening is for the seniors to present their hard work to the professional community, peers, and family.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Over the course of their senior year, students create an independent learning experience in a biomedical field with the guidance of their BI teachers.

Students check in regularly with their teachers and share progress, however, the students are in charge of and responsible for their own experience.

Students spend upwards of 100 hours in the field. Students build relationships with mentors who provide one of a kind hands on experiences.

Presentation of Certificates

Their last task completed, the seniors receive their completion certificates and stoles.

A keynote speaker will help us honor our students. Heartfelt words of advice, congratulation, and encouragement help to wrap up the experiences of our seniors in the biomedical sciences program.

During their time with us, all students leave an impression, but some stand out. Each year we honor a student from the graduating class with the Biomed Award and also induct one into the Independent Project Hall of Fame.

During the intermission between the Gallery Walk and the Presentation of Certificates, a slideshow plays which features photos from all four years of the the classes’ biomedical sciences experience.

Come Join Us

We would love for you to come celebrate the outstanding achievement of our seniors. Please click the Attend box to learn more about this year’s event.